GoldGoose artconsult

GoldGoose is a team of experienced artists taking on the role of the consultant, the curator and designer for the presentation of paintings by different artists in any living or working space.
GoldGoose collaborates with galleries and design studios for presentations of selected artworks.



manjeet shergill


Most of art making is associated with mental health - visually interesting , conceptually clever and popular with galleriests and audiences – and failing to comfort the human heart. I paint when I feel the heart breaking, weeping. Bleeding – mysteriously without warning or reason. Painitng is an attempt to stitch up the broken bleeding bits of the heart.

Shergillstudio is set - for the time and space to read, study and experiment, hoping to find the voice , see a story – unfold visually and clearly. I succeeded at times. Most times – not.
Then Della Butcher Gallery opened – in the memory of the first galleriest I worked with - Mrs Della Butcher. Mrs Butcher was the second who saw what I wanted to show, not tell.
Dr. Gopal Baratham, a friend who worked as a neurosurgeon and a published fiction author in Singapore convinced me when he wrote:
is light and colour
manjeet is decoration and disguise
faith and fantasy.
art is darkness too and tears
everything except

Both the Studio and Gallery remain as collapsible constructs – to bridge anytime the space between the artist and the audience.
Now – with the heart pretty much patched up and the heart not bleeding, Goldgoose art consult is capable, critical and courageous enough to present Art – without apologizing.

Manjeet is a painter, a mother, a wife and lives in Singapore and Canada.

At home with art


verena mayer


Most of my life I pursued perfection. Design and art had to be painful if they were to be good. But always striving for perfection also led me to a dead-end.

Painting is my salvation. And art is a path to our souls. A path that is not necessarily direct or the most practical. I taught myself to be curious and to honestly regard the creation process. The humble embrace of beauty and my total immersion became my motivation. Inspired by the self-evident and original energy of creation, I brought new worlds into being within my studio. My art is what sets me apart from the stereotypes and fast-paced aesthetics of consumer culture.

Every idea, every form, every color must find its own course in order to to create a work that possesses its own truth.
And therein lies the distinction between me as an artist and me as a designer. I belong to both worlds and build bridges between the realm of art, which moves the soul of the beholder, and the goal-oriented discipline of design.

Verena is an artist, designer, businesswoman and mother. She lives in Germany.



A&D Gallery, London
"German and Austrian Artists"
April, 1 – April 7. 2017

Creativ Art Workshop


The Right Side::, Singapore
"The Third Face"
April 26 – 30 2017

Galerie Waterton, Chicago (USA)

"Mama, Monks and Marigolds"
June, 23 – July 21, 2017

Schmitt Architecture and Interior Design, Karlsruhe (Germany)
"Art and  Interior Design"
October 2017



Goldgoose Artconsult

Credits: Image Gallery: Adrianna Calvo