manjeet shergill


Painting is a struggle to comfort the human heart.

I set up Shergillstudio - for the time and space to read, study and experiment - to find the voice and see a story – unfold visually and clearly.
Then I re opened Della Butcher Gallery – in the memory of the first galleriest I worked with – the late Mrs Della Butcher.

The late Dr. Gopal Baratham, a friend who worked as a neurosurgeon and a published fiction author in Singapore convinced me when he wrote:

is light and colour
it is decoration and disguise
faith and fantasy.
painting is darkness too and tears
everything except

At home with art


verena mayer


Most of my life I pursued perfection. Design and art had to be painful if they were to be good. But always striving for perfection also led me to a dead-end.

Painting is my salvation. And art is a path to our souls. A path that is not necessarily direct or the most practical. I taught myself to be curious and to honestly regard the creation process. The humble embrace of beauty and my total immersion became my motivation. Inspired by the self-evident and original energy of creation, I brought new worlds into being within my studio. My art is what sets me apart from the stereotypes and fast-paced aesthetics of consumer culture.

Every idea, every form, every color must find its own course in order to to create a work that possesses its own truth.
And therein lies the distinction between me as an artist and me as a designer. I belong to both worlds and build bridges between the realm of art, which moves the soul of the beholder, and the goal-oriented discipline of design.

Verena is an artist, designer, businesswoman and mother. She lives in Germany.



Credits: Image Gallery: Adrianna Calvo